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Natural Health: There are Naysayers Everywhere

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Image: CC-BY, Ptooey stock @ DeviantArt

Image: CC-BY, Ptooey stock @ DeviantArt

I was trying to do some research last night, and was once again reminded of how there are naysayers everywhere. If what you’re talking about is in any way against the greater sheep way of thinking, someone is going to come along and rain all over it. Often more than one someone.

I see this so much when researching alternative health topics. Most of the population is under the thrall of the media and Big Pharma and insists that “proper” medical care and prescription medications are the only way to take care of your health. They’re wrong, but there they are, being rude and insulting to anyone who has a different way of thinking or doing things.

I’ve looked up information about natural ways to quit smoking, heal cavities, lose weight, reduce scarring and tons of other things. No matter what, there are always people claiming that all natural ways of living are hoodoo and fantasy and neither safe nor effective. It annoys me. I suppose they think they’re “saving” people from false treatment, but the thing is, there’s research to back up the validity of many of the treatments.

It’s got to be confusing to a lot of people when they go looking online. Some part of them wants a more natural way, something that doesn’t involve all the pitfalls of modern medicine, so they go looking. They find things that sound wonderful up until the point where naysayers and even so-called professionals start tearing the topic to shreds. The comments devolve into a we-say, you-say, and the reader is left feeling confused and maybe even afraid to try the natural way.

I think that’s *why* people bombard natural treatment articles with comments against them. They want people to stay tied to modern medicine, reliant on a system that will only treat a symptom but never cure them. Fortunately, more and more people are learning to ignore the people who are just there to make natural medicine look bad, and pay attention to the people who’ve had success.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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