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Natural Breasts are Beautiful

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Posted by / April 8, 2013 / 3 Comments

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We’ve all seen them: The gravity-defying plastic orbs donned by celebrities and insecure women. We see them everywhere. Hardly a woman on television hasn’t got implants. Does anyone even remember what natural breasts look like anymore?

I think about this subject fairly often. Why? Because I realized I was actually self-conscious about my own breasts. Are they normal? Do natural breasts move that way? Are they supposed to reshape like that when you lay down? Are they attractive? And the sad thing is, I’m not alone. A lot of women out there don’t know if their breasts are normal or attractive because they never see natural ones in the media. Everything is silicone and lifted. Many women are horrified by their own breasts because they don’t look like those of celebrities.

I’m learning to love my body (not just my breasts) but it can be difficult to feel good when you have nothing real to compare yourself with. I suppose the fact that no man has ever said anything negative about them (nor have the ladies) means they’re good, but some days I wonder. A lot of us do.

I honestly think a lot of the fake breasts look awful. Some are well done, but some are too big, too round or too high. They often have that taut-stretched shine. They don’t look real. Even if you don’t know what natural breasts look like, you can tell there’s something off with them. Some real breasts are less attractive than others, but at least there’s variety.

Some hang a bit low, some point up or down or out to the sides. Some are tiny and some are large. They’re all nice. Natural is nice. We don’t need surgery to look good or feel good.

Oddly, I remember reading a British study that said they found something like 70% of men liked the look of fake breasts initially, but preferred natural ones over the long term, especially in regards to the way they felt. I wonder if American guys feel the same way. Of course, if you listen to the stereotypes, men think any breast is a good breast. [grins]

If you’re a woman, do you like your breasts, or do you worry about how they look? If you’re a man, do you have a preference for real breasts or false ones?


Briana Blair

Briana Blair

Briana Blair is an author and artisan. She has published more then 30 books and thousands of articles across multiple sites. After practicing Paganism and witchcraft for 25 years, she's now on a journey as an atheist and skeptic. She's eclectic, unpredictable, and always evolving. Facebook - Twitter


    Eric Peacock

    I’ll take flesh over plastic any day. Plastic is for toys and dolls, not people.


    Love these articles. I wish more women would find this & read! Over the last few years I’ve become very self conscience about my breasts.
    As a 38 year old woman who considers myself attractive and has a husband who loves me (all of me) even at my age I see the women on tv/movies & i compare .. & feel bad about me!! ( I know I shouldn’t)
    That being said, these articles made me say “hmm, maybe I’m not so bad” ” maybe I’m as normal as every other woman out there and I don’t need tweaked or tugged and reconstructed to be beautiful and confident. Of course i will still have these moments as fake breasts are constantly being paraded … but reading this helped!

    Thanks guys/gals 🙂

      Briana Blair

      I’m always so glad when my articles help people. *hug* You keep on loving the real you!

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