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Mythical Creature Monday: Pixiu – China

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Name(s): Bixie, Pixiu, Tiān lù, Mengshou

Origin: China

Appearance: It has the body of a lion, the head of a dragon, and feathered wings. The female has two antlers, and the male has only one.

Lore: The Tiān lù is the male and brings wealth, whereas the Bixie is the female of the species and wards off evil spirits. Both are attracted to wealth and are very auspicious symbols to practitioners of Feng Shui.

The Pixiu are guardians and collectors of wealth and prosperity no matter how far back in time or which stories one cares to read or believe. They have an appetite for gold and silver and other wealth. This creature is also said to be able to drain the essence of evil spirits and convert it to wealth (talk about recycling). Another rather interesting thing about them is that they have no rectum, so any wealth they eat never leaves. Because of this the Pixiu were used to protect treasuries (and even banks in modern times). They also provide protection from diseases and other misfortune which can be brought by evil spirits. They are even said to protect their master  after death, carrying them into the afterlife.

In other stories and legends, the Pixiu are known as fierce beasts, capable of subduing a thousand men with a single cry. Apparently the word Pixiu was used as a synonym for an army or brave soldier in ancient times because of it’s fearsome nature. Kind of how we might call someone a “beast” nowadays. They are also known for their compassion towards humans and lesser creatures, loyalty and intelligence. They are also sometimes said to be the 9th son of the King Dragon.

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