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Mythical Creature Monday: Alp - Germany

Mythical Creature Monday: Alp – Germany

Name(s): Alp, mara, mahr, mahrt Origin: Germany Appearance: It is a shapeshifter and often is invisible Lore: The alp, or mara is the origin of the “mare” in nightmare. The alp is the male, and the mara is female. The creature will sit on it’s victims while they sleep, crushing

Mythical Creature Monday: Matagot - France

Mythical Creature Monday: Matagot – France

Name(s): Matagot, mandagot, chat d’argent, money cat Origin: Southern France Appearance: A black cat. Lore:  The matagot or money cat is a creature said to be in service of a sorcerer or witch, like a familiar. It brings health and wealth to the master so long as it is cared

Mythical Creature Bennu Egypt

Mythical Creature Monday: Bennu – Egypt

Name(s): Bennu, Benu Origin: Egypt Appearance: A large grey Heron with two crest feathers, or classically, the Benu bird is described as being as large as an eagle, with red and gold (solar or flame-colored) plumage. Lore: According to some stories, the Bennu is a self-created creature that existed before

pixiu bixie myth creature winged lion

Mythical Creature Monday: Pixiu – China

Name(s): Bixie, Pixiu, Tiān lù, Mengshou Origin: China Appearance: It has the body of a lion, the head of a dragon, and feathered wings. The female has two antlers, and the male has only one. Lore: The Tiān lù is the male and brings wealth, whereas the Bixie is the

dragon creature myth legend serpent

Mythical Creature Monday: Dragon – Worldwide

Name(s): Dragon, Wyvern, Hydra, many more Origin: Everywhere Appearance: Most often reptilian or serpentine, but feathered variations also exist in some cultures. Lore: Dragons of one type or another have existed in virtually every culture. There are stories and legends about them from North America to the Far East and

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