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My Veggie Love

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I know I write a lot about how humans are omnivores and I’m proud of eating meat. Well, let me tell you something. Being an omnivore also means I eat vegetables. I love fresh veggies, almost as much as my wife Briana . She’s a serious junkie for veggies, but I love them too. As a matter of fact, I like vegetables that a lot of people tend to hate or ignore.

I know why most of you hate the “bad” veggies, but you need to stop blaming the vegetables themselves. Anything can taste like crud if you prepare it wrong. Chances are that you hate a vegetable (poor veggies *sniff*) because it’s been boiled to death. It’s kinda grey and mushy, and who would want to eat that? Me either.

Wanna learn to love your veggies? Then you need to *GASP* learn how to prepare them so they’ll be tasty. Stop boiling everything for starters. Learn how to saute with margarine, or try steaming.

Broccoli is actually one of my favorite vegetables ever. I love the stuff, you can do soooo much with it. One of my favorite ways to cook it? Throw some florets in a bowl, cover and microwave. A dash of salt and a bit of margarine or garlic powder and Viola! In case you didn’t know, there isn’t anything wrong with a microwave, it’s the crap you put in one that isn’t good.

Next up on the “bad” vegetable stage is Brussels Sprouts. Again, boiling is bad. Try steaming them and giving them a coating of butter. Or saute them with bacon and cracked black pepper. They taste like a whole different vegetable when you saute them, kinda like fresh peanuts. Weird but true. Remember that the larger they are, the more bitterness they hold. Blanch first, then saute.

And then there is one of my weird favorites that took me a few tries to get right. I finally found a recipe from one of the “Chopped” judges that worked awesome. Fried eggplant is just … heavenly. Lesson I learned? Drain it first, sprinkle with salt, let it sit on paper towels for 20 minutes, and blot away the excess moisture that comes out.

So that’s my two or 13 cents on veggies for all of you out there who think I’m a raving carnivore. I also like to try something new with veggies at least 2 or 3 times a month. Love your food and let the awesome carry you away!



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