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Mundane Magic – Starting Small or Going Big

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When it comes to mundane magic, there are two ways to go: bit-by-bit, or all-in. How you approach it is all up to you. Once upon a time, way back in the day, it kind of came naturally to me. I was Wiccan back then, and I was doing a lot of ritual and such, so magic was always on my mind. Over the years though, as my path and beliefs changed, it wasn’t a big part of my life anymore. Mundane things were just mundane and that was it. I had to actually think about it and make effort in later years.

When I brought the practice back into my life, I tried to go whole hog. It didn’t work, because it felt like I had to do it. Now, it won’t be that way for everyone. You may absolutely love trying to turn every aspect of your mundane life into something more. It might make you incredibly happy. For me though, I had to ease into it. I had to start picking and choosing what average tasks I turned magical. Some things were very spiritual, some were less so, but piece by piece I changed what I thought about certain things and how I did them.

That makes me think of something worth noting. Not every part of this mundane magic thing is super spiritual. Some of it just makes you more mindful and makes things more fulfilling and less annoying. That’s important though. It’s never a good thing if you hate doing or experiencing something. Using the MM (Mundane Magic) approach, at very least, can make things feel more pleasant. Anything that keeps you in a good mood is a good thing, right?

So I started small. One of the first things I did was mealtime gratitude. That’s one that I rarely forget to do. Being grateful for things can have a big impact on your life. Even if you’re poor and eating Ramen, you’re eating, and that food is a gift. I eat really well these days, but this practice made those poor days of Ramen and Rice-A-Roni that I once faced much more bearable. I actually found ways to enjoy even the simplest meals and feel incredibly grateful for every bite that passed my lips.

I also took a new approach to tasks I really didn’t enjoy, like dishes. There will be a chapter of this book dedicated to how powerful any kind of cleaning activities can be. After that, I started becoming much more mindful of many of my daily tasks, and started to look at life and the things around me in a whole new way. When you really get into it, mundane magic can create this feeling like you’re seeing everything with new eyes, and things look a whole lot better than they did before.

I should also offer a bit more honesty here. Mundane magic may not make a drastic change in your life right away. For me, it kind of crept up and kept building the longer I practiced, and then sort of petered out after I stopped. I know that most people these days are after instant gratification and big results. You may get that here, but more likely than not it’ll be a slow process. I recommend that you just have some patience, stick with it, and trust that the results will come. They will, but you have to commit to it, or you’ll get nothing. Like they say, you get out what you put in.


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Briana Blair

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