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Mundane Magic – Making Your Everyday Life Magical

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For a lot of Pagans, the idea of making daily life magical is nothing new. They learn how to bring magical practice into their mundane activities, although sometimes they get so caught up in ritual or expected forms of practice that they forget. For most other people, the idea of daily magic is something strange, scary, or something they’ve never even considered. However, combining magic with your day-to-day tasks is a wonderful way to make your life richer, happier and to stay connected to your chosen Higher Powers.

Now, I did mention Pagans there in the first sentence, but I want you to understand right from the start that this book and these practices aren’t limited to any spiritual belief system. I’m more of an eclectic spiritualist than anything else, and I’ve known plenty of people from all different faiths who incorporate mundane magic into their lives. It’s just a way of adding happiness, purpose and spiritual connection to your life. Anyone of any faith can do it, and it works even if you don’t really have a specific spiritual path.

So, what exactly is this mundane magic stuff? Well, to try to put it simply, it’s taking the things you do and experience every day and giving them a bit more thought and purpose so that they bring more emotional feedback and more effect to your life. Just as an example, let’s say you drink tea every day. Well, instead of just plopping a bag in a cup and drinking it mindlessly, you would think about the properties of the tea leaves and other herbs and focus on how that affects you. You might even choose to make your own herbal teas not only for taste, but for their magical or healing properties. Chamomile tea is nice, but it becomes a whole new experience when you think about the calming effect that it has, and consider that chamomile is a flower of the sun gods and represents serenity, good fortune and prosperity. That cup of tea suddenly becomes a spiritual experience.

You can have moments like that all through your day with mundane magic. There’s no need to follow a certain path (although it’s a great way to connect to any deities you believe in) or cast elaborate spells or involve other people. As a matter of fact, mundane magic is fantastic for those who live with others and can’t openly practice their spirituality. Of course, it’s a good thing no matter whether you’re alone, with family or roommates, open about your spirituality or needing to hide it. Mundane magic is great for everyone.

To be perfectly honest for a moment, part of why I’m writing this book right now is because I remember how much better my life was when I practiced mundane magic, but life happened and I stopped doing it. I want to share this wonderful practice with all of you, while reminding myself of it so that I can add it back into my life. When I embraced mundane magic I felt more calm, happy and spiritually connected. It also made the crappy tasks of daily life seem purposeful, which is helpful when you need to get things done. This book itself is going to be a spiritual journey for me, and I hope you’ll all enjoy coming along for the ride.


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Briana Blair

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