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Mundane Magic – Magical Mealtime – Spice it Up

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Another way to add some mundane magic to your mealtime is to think about the magical properties of the seasonings and vegetables that you’re using in the meal. That’s probably not something too many people think about, but it can add a special touch to an otherwise ordinary meal.

If you don’t have one already, I suggest getting yourself a book of magical properties of plants. I wrote a book on the subject, The Herbal Magic Correspondences Guide, and it’s a great resource for this. (And yes, I just pitched my own book. It’s fairly wonderful if I do say so myself.) Having such a book can really help you to make mealtime magical.

When you’re cooking, the intention is important, and so are the ingredients. And not just making them as healthy as possible, but also paying attention to their other meanings. Parsley, for instance, brings energies of purification and protection. Rosemary brings luck, youth and increased mental prowess. Chives help you break bad habits and eliminate depression.

Corn brings you luck, beets encourage love, beans ward off negative energy and carrots are a symbol of fertility. There are hundreds more herbs and vegetables with magical associations, and you can take that into consideration when you cook. If you’re already using certain things in a recipe, you may want to go over their properties and think about the positive effects they will bring to your life.

I also find that I use spices I might not normally use if I’m thinking about magical intent. Good food needs more than salt. You can not only add wonderful layers of flavor by using spices, but you can also add powerful magical energy. Get creative! It can be fun for your palate and your spirit to use herbs and spices more consciously in your cooking.

Just as an example, I had a bowl of Ramen for lunch today. I actually enjoy the pork version from time to time, it’s a guilty pleasure. I didn’t just eat it plain though, and I rarely do. I added ginger for its ability to enhance magical power, parsley for cleansing, garlic for healing and prosperity and red pepper for energizing. Not only did it taste absolutely amazing, I was taking in all of that magical intent as I enjoyed my meal.

Another wonderful thing about spices is that they can be very pretty. Herbs and spices come in such a variety of shapes and colors! Be sure to use fresh herbs and spices whenever you can, not only for their flavor, but for their visual appeal. I suggest taking the time to make all of your food attractive whenever possible. Never underestimate the happiness that can come from having a lovely looking plate of food in front of you. The more of your senses you engage during an experience, the more powerful it becomes.

Another thing that can add some magic to mealtime is your choice of plates and table dressings, but I’ll get to that more when I talk about colors. As you see though, there are a number of things that you can do to add magic to your mealtime. Just think of what you can do with the rest of your day!


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