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Mundane Magic – Magical Mealtime – Cooking Up Some Magic

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Cooking and food prep time are a great place to insert some mundane magic. Some people let cooking be a pretty mindless activity, paying just enough attention to get it done. It can be so much more than that. With just a little effort, you can make preparing food a much more magical activity.

During preparation, when you’re thawing or chopping or what have you, you can start really thinking about your food. This is a perfectly good time to show some gratitude for all the components of your meal. Whether it’s generally or with a spiritual focus, you can give thanks for what’s about to go into your meal.

You can also start focusing on intent, and carry that through the whole cooking process. On the surface, food is fuel. You can see the food as the vital nutrition that you need to survive. Think about how each component makes you healthy and strong. Think of how you’re connected to the same source that created that cow or head of lettuce or ear of corn.

Whether you’re cooking for yourself or for others, you can also start putting some emotion into the meal. Food is fantastic, even when it’s simple. Be happy about it, and put some joy into it. How you feel while you’re preparing a meal can make a big difference. A happy cook makes better food, and that makes for happier eaters.

Oh, before I continue with that thought, let me add a little something. It is well worth it to start now on eating healthier. I know from experience of living on a tight budget that it is possible to eat healthy on not much money. Your body is a temple, it’s the conduit for magic, so don’t fill it with trash. It’s really easy to start eating more fresh and healthy foods and make that a way of life. Believe me; you’ll thank me if you get yourself eating right. It’ll do wonders for you.

Now, back to that intent. Learning to enjoy preparing meals and putting happiness and gratitude into your meals is a great thing. It makes a huge difference. It adds to that whole experience of food being completely amazing. Of course, you can take it up another notch or two if you’re so inclined.

You may want to bring magical purpose or your deity/deities into the mix. There’s not a single thing wrong with making a meal intended to bring happiness or health to those who eat it. Maybe you’ll make cupcakes with the intention of it putting you in the right place to get a promotion. Maybe you’ll see your pasta sauce as a confidence booster. It’s all good. So is making a meal and dedicating it to your chosen Higher Power/s. Connecting with something higher while making or eating a meal can be a wonderful experience.


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