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Mixing Magic and Fashion Part 1 – Clothing Colors

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Did you know that you can enhance your magical energy with something as simple as the colors of clothing you wear? In this, the first part of my Mixing Magic and Fashion series, We’ll talk about how you choice of clothing colors can affect your magical energy.

Psychologists have known for a long time that colors can affect our moods. Not only can they change how we feel, they can also change our personal magical energy. If we feel a certain way, or are thinking of certain things, it can impact our magical workings. You may have heard that some practitioners wear white during rituals for purity, or black during banishing work. You can extend that out into your other clothing choices. whether you’re planning a ritual outfit or just what you’ll wear this Tuesday, the colors you pick can make more of a difference than just being trendy or not.

For instance, orange is a great color for optimism and success. If you’re trying to get a new job, throwing some orange into your ensemble could give a boost to your mood and your energies. Light blue carries healing and calming energies that are great for a meditation session or a self-pampering day.

Now, even though most colors have certain meanings associated with them, you can go with your gut on this one. If blue makes you feel powerful, then go with it. If green seems more like a healing color to you and you associate yellow with money, that’s just fine. Choose your colors by the way they make you feel. It’s all about getting yourself in the right frame of mind and the right energetic space to accomplish whatever it is you’re aiming for.

Here’s a quick rundown of some color correspondences to get you started:

  • Amber: skillfulness, magic, witches, witchcraft
  • Black: protection, respect, honor, meditation, banishing, grounding, wisdom, learning, uncrossing, repelling negativity, shapeshifting, scrying, contacting spirits, night, truth
  • Blue: communication, willpower, focus, forgiveness, good fortune, weight loss, truth, fidelity, patience, harmony, removing negativity, sincerity, astral projection, water, health, psychic awareness, intuition, opportunity, understanding, dreams, protection, meditation
  • Brown: blessing, animal/pet magic, earth magic, concentration, stability, locating lost objects, construction, food, finances
  • Clear: clarity, emptiness, freedom
  • Gold: masculinity, luxury, power, success, confidence, creativity, divinity, abundance, solar magic, justice, health, attraction, energy, strength, mental ability
  • Green: luck, health, prosperity, vitality, nature, fertility, balance, abundance, emotional health, growth, marriage, plant magic, herbalism, courage, harmony, rejuvenation
  • Iridescent: perceptiveness, organization, detachment, ingenuity, goals, insight, self-expression, breaking convention
  • Light blue: change, travel, intellect, creativity, healing, peace, prosperity, growth, spirituality, meditation, protection
  • Orange: luck, kindness, abundance, optimism, comfort, creativity, intellectual pursuits, overcoming addiction, legal matters, joy, success, vitality, action
  • Peach: strength, protection, confidence, communication, rejuvenation, restoration
  • Pink: love, healing, family, friendship, selflessness, compassion, femininity, romance, spiritual healing, emotional healing, harmony, self-improvement, honor
  • Purple: knowledge, intuition, spirituality, higher self, insight, clarity, energy, power, happiness, healing, relaxation, peace
  • Red: love, passion, sexuality, strength, vitality, survival, fertility, courage, action, fire, independence, willpower, magnetism
  • Silver: femininity, stability, intuition, dreams, psychic ability, removing negativity, divinity, victory, meditation, lunar magic, luck
  • White: purity, truth, inspiration, clarity, spirituality, enlightenment, unity, peace, balance, healing, consecration, protection, clairvoyance, solar magic, lunar magic
  • Yellow: positivity, courage, vitality, progress, communication, clarity, focus, success, happiness, learning, memory, inspiration, solar magic, charm, confidence, unity
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