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Mind Clearing Visualization for Better Sleep

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If you have a lot on your mind right before you go to bed it can cause you to have difficulty sleeping. This mind clearing visualization will help you get a better night’s sleep.

For the longest time I had serious difficulty getting to sleep at night because I would have so much on my mind late in the evening. When you have a million thoughts rattling around in your head, it can be very difficult to get to sleep. I tried various different things to help myself get to sleep. I tried regular meditation, exercise, listening to music and watching television. Unfortunately, none of these things helped clear my mind. After a while I started experimenting with different techniques to get the thoughts of the day out of my head. Eventually, I came up with something that worked. This mind clearing visualization may not help everyone get better sleep, but at least it might be a good start.

The first thing you need to do is lie comfortably in your bed with the lights off. If you share your bed with someone, ask them not to speak to you or distract you. Lay on your back and relax your body as much as possible. Be aware of all the thoughts that are currently in your head. Most likely you will be playing over the events of the day, hearing your own thoughts, and seeing visions of things that have happened or that might happen. Be aware that these thoughts and visions are under your control.

The first part of this mind clearing visualization for better sleep will be to imagine a volume knob. This volume knob controls all the sounds that are currently in your head. Imagine reaching out and turning down the volume. Over the course of about 10 seconds, turn the volume knob from whatever its current level is, down to zero. As you do this, imagine that all the sounds and all the voices in your head are slowly being muted just like turning down a radio. You may have to repeat this knob turning several times for it to have full effect.

The second part of the visualization is to imagine erasing all of the images from your mind. I imagine that my mind is like a giant chalkboard and I use a big old eraser, like the ones you had in school, to slowly erase everything that I’m seeing in my mind. Truly visualize erasing, wiping away all of the images that are inside of your head. Much like a real chalkboard, you may have to erase the board multiple times for it to become completely blank.

This visualization for better sleep may take some time to master. Each night after you lie down in bed, you should try to combine these two visualizations. In the beginning it might take a bit of work and it might not work completely right way. As you repeat the visualization each night it’ll become easier and easier to make it function properly. After a while, you should be able to turn off the sound and erase the images from your mind within just a few minutes. Falling asleep will be much easier once you don’t have the distractions of all those thoughts and sounds inside your head.

Many people who have trouble sleeping find mind clearing visualizations such as this one helpful for attaining better sleep. For many, especially those with busy lives, thoughts of what they’ve done that day and what they have to do in the future can keep them up at night. By using this and other mind clearing visualizations, you can quiet your mind and get a restful night’s sleep. Oh, on a side note: You can close your eyes for a moment and do this during the day if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by a lot of thoughts.

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Briana Blair

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