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I Love Sushi! But I Didn’t Always

Sushi Food - Image: © Briana Blair
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Image: © Briana Blair

Image: © Briana Blair

Look at that plate of awesome goodness! That was my first meal today. It was a little late in the day, and a spur-of-the-moment thing, but man was it ever good! There are spicy shrimp rolls, tuna rolls, wasabi peas, wasabi paste and pickled ginger. Yum!

I have become a total sushi junkie. We go get sushi from the Kroger on the other side of town once a month. The guy there has come to know us, smiles when he sees us, and makes our awesome noms right there in front of us. He never even complains that we ask for our rainbow rolls to have all tuna rather than the usual tuna and salmon.

Oddly, I used to think sushi was gross. Just the thought of raw fish was enough to put me off. Bad on me though. I was breaking my own rule of trying every food at least once before I dared say I didn’t like it. So one day Eric had a massive craving, and we went to get some. I tried a bite. I tried another. I ate half what he’d gotten. [grins] It was good stuff!

I’ll admit I’m not a fan of the salmon, but there are plenty of kinds of sushi to try. The Kroger guy doesn’t make too many varieties, but I’ve tried several. I like dragon rolls, California rolls, rainbow rolls with tuna, shrimp or avocado, cream cheese rolls, smoked eel rolls, crunchy rolls… I’ve liked almost every one that I’ve ever tried.

One of these days i need to get a big ol’ handful of cash and go to the Shogun restaurant where they make a huge variety of sushi and just try one of everything. I do so love trying new things. I bet I’d like most of it.

What’s your stance on sushi? Are you one of the people who claims to not like it but never tried it? What’s the best type of sushi you’ve ever had?

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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