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The Lost Art Of Being a Lady

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Posted by / November 14, 2013 / 0 Comments

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

I’ve been thinking lately, and I came to a staggering realization. I can’t recall the last time I encountered a real lady. I’ve known and seen plenty of women, chicks, broads, moms and gals, but no ladies. Even I lost many of the qualities I once had that gave me the confidence to call myself a lady. It’s high time that changed.

I know many women try to claim the title of being a lady, but at the same time they’re slumped in a chair with their legs open or slopping around in slippers and baggy clothes or talking with food in their mouths. That’s not a lady. A lady has manners and grace. A lady can hold intelligent conversation on numerous topics. A lady wears appropriate clothing and uses her charm and wit to turn a man’s head rather than her exposed body parts. A lady is patient, articulate, wise and typically a pleasure to be around.

There aren’t many proper ladies left in the world. Some women may have some of the qualities, but usually only a scarce few. Somewhere along the line women stopped being ladies. They took liberation too far, at least in my opinion. Gone are the days of classy ladies. Now we have homebodies and uncouth women. (I love that word, I’m so glad I was reintroduced to it recently.)

I really do think that most women could do with a reminder of what it means to be a lady. I’m very glad that it came back to my attention. I was honestly a bit ashamed to realize that I let go of my ladylike qualities. I’ve been hunching in my chair, scuffing about when I walk, eating my dinners on the sofa and making too little use of my intellect and vocabulary. I’d allowed the media and my family to make me forget what being a lady meant, and how good it felt to be one.

I plan on rectifying that situation. I’m going to be digging back into my own memory and also making use of The Proper Lady blog to get myself back to that place, and hopefully to a better one. I realize it won’t be easy or well-received, but It’s one of those things I’ve been missing. I hadn’t been able to put my finger on it for quite a while, but feeling like a lady and embracing my femininity and intellect are things which I really want back.

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