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Long Distance Psychic and Energy Feeding for Vampires

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How Can a Psychic Vampire Feed Without a Local Donor?

For some psy-vamps (psychic vampires), feeding can be a challenge because they are unable to find a local energy donor. Fear not though, long-distance feeding might be an option for energy vampires.

How to feed without a local donor is a problem that some have been facing for some time. It can take a real toll on your body and mind if you don’t get the energy you need, but what do you do when you have no one nearby who’s willing to be a donor? Some vamps will feed off unsuspecting people, but I have issues with that. Most psychic vampires feel that it is wrong to feed off someone without their knowledge and consent. Some energy vamps feel that feeding off crowds is acceptable, so long as you don’t feed primarily from any one person. I’ve had personal issues with feeding off anyone without consent. Desperate for an answer, I started poking around my online RLV (Real Living Vampire) community boards, and drifted into chat where I found an answer.

I’d heard of long distance psychic feeding, and even tried it a time or two. The person I wanted to feed from was unaware though, and it seemed to make it impossible, probably because of my consent issues. Luckily, you can meet people online who are willing to be long-distance energy donors for psy-vamps. I met one of them in that chat, and I was very glad I did.

We started off in the forum’s chat area and moved over to a private Yahoo chat. We talked a bit, then she opened herself to psychic feeding, and I was able to form a connection to her. It was wonderful! I never thought it would be possible to connect to someone on the other side of the country, but it happened just as easily as feeding from someone in the same room. Satiated, I realized I’d found my solution.

I wish I’d found someone like this years ago. For those psychic vampires out there who aren’t in a vampire-friendly area, I would highly recommend finding a donor online. If you go to a reputable group, you can probably find someone who will fit your needs. While I was feeding, I felt something else very interesting, and I think it’s worth mentioning.

For this particular energy feeding session, we were both sitting at our computers. I imagined drawing her energy through her computer, over the internet, and into me. I quickly realized that there was much more energy flowing to me than just my donor’s. So what was the other energy? I have a theory: When people are sitting at their computers, they are putting a certain amount of energy into them as they do whatever they’re doing. By drawing through the internet, I think I was also grabbing some of that energy.

Now, I thought about the fact that I was taking that energy without those people’s knowledge or consent. However, I don’t think it is unethical in this case. Whenever you do anything, you are willingly putting energy into that act. You know that you’re expending energy, and you’re getting your desired result. Once the energy is out there, you usually don’t give any thought to what happens to it. With this being the case, the energy has already been freely given, and thus there is no ethical issue in using some of it.

Overall, I’m very glad that I decided to go looking into long-distance psychic feeding, and I’m thrilled that I found an energy donor, as well as a way to draw even more energy. I intend to see if I can feed exclusively on energy expended into the internet. If this is possible, it may be a discovery worth sharing with the RLV community to aid other psychic vampires.

*Note: I no longer identify as a psychic vampire or with the RLV community, however, I still use energy feeding as part of my spiritual practice and the methods I have used in the past still work.*

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