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Live For Your Dreams, No Matter What

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It’s a hard road, but I believe that it’s better to live for your dreams than to live the way people tell you to. Every time I try to do what people think I should do, which is basically to give up on my dreams and do whatever will make money, I’m miserable. Sure, up to this point, following my dreams has only gotten me partial success, but I think I’d rather never be rich and know that I did what I believed in than have a ton of money and know that I sold my soul to get it.

That’s one of the things that this fucked up world we’re living in right now teaches us: money is more important than anything, and what you want or dream of means nothing, it’s all about how much you make. Success is measured in dollars, not in achievements, glorious moments or happiness. I am so sick of that shit. Maybe I’ll always be poor, or maybe when I give all of my heart and soul to what I believe in and drop the last of my worries I’ll break through and have financial success along with everything else. Either way, I’d rather be myself, doing what I love, struggling all the way, than be what other people think I should be just so that I could have a certain amount of money.

It’s a shitty truth that we’ve been trained that what we want or feel is irrelevant, everything is based on a dollar amount. Make enough, or you’re not worthy. Nobody cares how you feel or what you dream, they only care how much you make. That is just bullshit. I have to live with myself, I have to love myself, I have to go to my grave with what I’ve done. I’d rather go to my grave knowing that I followed my heart and lived on Ramen and bread than die with a shitload of money, hating everything I did to get everything I had. It’s painful as all fuck to break from the pack and be yourself, doing what you want, but I’d rather tread this path than any other.

Here’s the thing though… If more people were living for their dreams instead of for monetary approval, the world would become more supportive of that way of life. Do you have any idea how many people want to do what they love, but crush it down to fit into society? Ask anyone over 50, and they’ll tell you that if they had it to do over again they’d be an artist or writer or archaeologist or whatever everyone told them they couldn’t and shouldn’t be. They would have cared less about society’s bullshit and loved more, laughed more, had more sex, more fun, better food, and not done whatever they did to make ends meet. Given a chance, most people would do anything but what they’re doing now, even if right now, they think they’re doing the right thing.

Stop doing what other people want and do what you want. It’s your life! If you can handle the struggles that might come, then fucking go for it honey! There will be some people who will be there for you and support you, cherish them. there will be a million nay-sayers, tell them to fuck off. Live your life the way you want to. No one else on earth knows the right path for you.

If people don’t start standing up and doing what they want in the face of opposition, pretty soon people will only do what they’re told. And don’t think that your age means a shit. If you’re 15 or 50, you can still go for what you want. It’s never too late. Go for what you love, and screw what anyone else says. You may fail, you may fly, but either way, you’ll live and die happier for trusting your own heart.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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