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How Do You Let Go of Hate?

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

In my previous article I said that I was going to try to explain how to let go of hate, so that’s what I’m going to try to do here. Letting go of your hate does so much good for yourself and the world, it’s something that people need to learn to do.

So, let’s use the example of my abusive grandmother. She abused me for 18 years, so it would seem reasonable to hate her. But what does hating her do? It doesn’t fix the past, it doesn’t heal my heart or mind, it doesn’t make her a better person. I choose to look at her and understand that she was abused in her own life. She had mental issues that caused her to act the way she did. She was wrong, but she was broken with no one to help her. I have no hate left for her. I feel compassion for her own past suffering and I wish for her to heal from the mental problems she has, and from the guilt and pain she must feel from hurting so many people throughout her life.

How about a vegan who hates meat eaters. What does that hate get you? Does it make them go vegan? Does it make you feel better? Does it make you more right? No on all counts. Let go of the hate. Educate and spread your message, be respectful at all times, and let others live the life they choose. I used to hate vegans for always being so aggressive and hateful, but it served no purpose. It didn’t make them more respectful. Now I accept that militant vegans are broken. They feel they must be right and that hating meat-eaters is justified. I respect their right to live their lives as they choose and I wish for them to heal from the personal faults that cause them to be so rude and aggressive to others.

I used to hate Christians for all the pain they bring to the world. What did that hate get me? Nothing. I let go of the hate. Now I feel bad for the good Christians out there who have to deal with the pain and horror brought by the extremists. I feel for the victims of the extremist’s atrocities. I wish for the healing of the Extremist Christian minds. I hope that they will learn love and compassion and let go of their need to be “right” even when they’re wrong. I pray for them to see the error of their ways.

I have found a lot of peace in letting go of my hate. Now I feel so much closer to all people, even the ones who have caused the world and myself harm. Hate serves no purpose. It wins nothing, gains nothing, brings no one closer together. Compassion, understanding and a desire for healing accomplish so much more.

Can you let go of the hate you harbor? Have you already begun?

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