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Lessons From The Good Witch’s Garden: Things You Don’t Understand Aren’t Bad

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Candle Glow Flame - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
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Candle Glow Flame - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

We’re on to the 2nd movie in the series, The Good Witch’s Garden. Much like the first movie, Cassie is still facing a lot of misunderstanding because she’s different, and because of her metaphysical shop. Add to that the fact that she has a gorgeous garden that’s still full of life in November, and she’s being faced with some serious trials.

As with the first movie, Martha Tinsdale is still trying to convince everyone that because Cassie is different, she must be bad. Tinsdale doesn’t understand Cassie and her ways, so rather than understanding, she acts from a place of confusion and fear. Not only that, she continues to try to ostracize Cassie and cast her out of the community.

Often when people are faced with something they don’t understand, they vilify it and try to make it go away. This is not a good way to handle the unknown. Whether it’s a person, thing or idea, when we’re faced with something new, we should take it as an opportunity to learn. Why live in fear when you could live in knowledge? If you understand something, you gain power.

We could all do well to take Cassie’s advice to learn from new things. She doesn’t fear things she doesn’t understand, she learns and accepts. She makes the best of everything. Even if she encountered something that, after understanding it, she didn’t like, she wouldn’t label it as evil, she just wouldn’t keep it in her life. However, she’s have the power gained from learning and understanding, and she’d be better equipped for the next new thing to come along.

If we’re clever and open, we can often find that any new thing has a good side. Almost everything does if you really look. Even something horrible can offer something good into your life if you allow it to. We shouldn’t live in fear of the unknown, but instead open our minds and make it known so that we can move forward.

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