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Lessons From The Good Witch: Follow Your Instincts

Candle Glow Flame - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
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Candle Glow Flame - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Cassandra Nightingale didn’t have the best past, but somehow she managed to develop an amazing sense of wonder and magic, and became a great person. When she moves to Middleton, she has a great outlook. Cassie believes that she was meant to be there, and has an open mind and open heart toward the residents of the traditional small town.

Throughout all the movies, Cassie always follows her instincts. She’s obviously learned how to listen to her heart and keeps an open mind for everything. She doesn’t make snap judgements and she’s not reactionary. She always follows her inner guidance and looks for the best in everything.

Cassie’s way of thinking and living is really an inspiration. No matter what negativity or challenge comes her way, she always faces it with grace and openness. She looks not only into herself, but into others to see the good and always tries to come to the resolution that is best for everyone.

At many points in the series she feels inspired to do something, and she always moves forward with hope and a seemingly unshakable belief that everything will work out. When a challenge arises, she follows her gut and does what she thinks is right for herself and others. She doesn’t let other people’s thoughts or actions get in her way. She knows who she is, how she wants to live and what she thinks is right. She always acts from the heart.

I think we could all do well to try to live this way. I know that over the years I have done my best to tap into my own instincts and listen to my heart and inner guidance system instead of being led by outside influences. I know that if I act from the heart, things will work out, and even if they don’t I can sleep at night knowing I did what I felt was right. Cassandra Nightingale serves as a reminder to let go of the outside influences and trust that your heart and the spirit inside you will lead you in the right direction.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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