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Labels, Buzzwords, and Marketing Garbage

Success Business Progress People - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
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Success Business Progress People - Image: Public Domain, PixabayI’ve written and talked about this kind of thing many times over the years. How certain words and phrases get annexed by advertisers and corporations for their own ends.

Next thing you know, a word or phrase has grown out of proportion until it’s original meaning is lost completely. I cringe every time I hear one of these things and frankly I tend to lose my temper about them sometimes too. I need to work on my temper, but that is another issue entirely.

So why don’t I give you some examples of these things that have just become marketing hype?

Organic – This word is pretty much meaningless anymore, you’d be VERY surprised at what it takes to get this label put on something. A few extra cents to print the words on the package maybe? I’m just waiting for someone to try selling me organic salt. Oh right, I’ve ALREADY seen it. SALT folks, a rock. Now I can buy an organic ROCK. ‘Nuff said.

Family Friendly – The idea sounds good doesn’t it? Makes you think of puppy dogs and happy playing children. Unfortunately it’s also the favorite buzzphrase of everyone who tries to stifle free speech. It’s been turned into an angry little demon of a phrase. It’s seductive and sounds cheery, but be VERY careful of anyone who uses this phrase.

I wish I could give you more specific answers, but the best i can do is to list some of the garbage that gets used so often that people even feel the need to make words up to get their point across.

Best, awesome, “Number One”, Unique (doesn’t mean what you might think), Top-selling, etc.

While I’m on the this thought train, where are the “Other Leading Brands” Hiding? I’ve looked for them everywhere. I’d like to try them out in the spirit of non monopolization, you know, give them a fair try before I try whatever brand X is selling.
Keep Smiling, Keep thinking, and #Be-the-Virus!



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