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Keep Your Religion Out of My Bedroom

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I was recently reading that in some state they’re trying to pass a law to make oral sex illegal. I think that is just one of the dumbest things ever.

Where do these religious zealots get off (Heh, no pun intended.) trying to impose laws on what consenting adults do in their bedrooms? They have no right to do that. What they do is their business, what I do is mine.

If some people believe that oral sex, anal sex, or whatever is immoral, that’s fine. They don’t have to engage in it. They have absolutely no right however, to tell anyone else that they can’t. What grown people do in private is no one’s business. It’s not hurting anyone. It’s not like people are out in public going down on each other. If they were, then it would be a problem. But they’re not, so religious people need to stay out of it.

I think there are still states with anti-sodomy laws, and I think they should all be pulled. It’s stupid. If people enjoy something and no one’s getting hurt, there’s no need to have a law against it. I think this issue has a lot less to do with god and more to do with the war on gay people. Sodomy (and I *really* hate the negative connotation of that word) is, after all, the way that homosexuals interact intimately.

Maybe part of the reason they’re trying to make laws like that is because they’re all so sexually repressed. Maybe a blow job would chill them out. Of course, a lot of them already have a stick up their a$$, so that may be part of the issue too.

Seriously though, any laws prohibiting sexual acts seem stupid to me. Outside of keeping bestiality, rape and pedophilia illegal, I don’t see a need for much else. How do they propose to enforce those laws anyway? Are they going to force us to install monitoring systems in our homes and vehicles? Laws regarding most sexual acts would be nearly impossible to enforce. Yet another reason it’s all so stupid.

Do you think oral sex should be illegal? Do you think religion and politics need to stay out of our bedrooms?

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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