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Cream Crocheted Drawstring Bag with White Glass Rune Set – Stones of Skadi

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You Get

1 crochet bag, 26 rune stones


Braided cord ties. Set of Elder Futhark runes are made of glass and marked with black ink.


  • Bag is hand washable.
  • Each rune stone is 0.6″ wide and 0.3″ thick.


3″ W x 3.5″ H (16″ cord)



  • White: purity, truth, inspiration, clarity, spirituality, enlightenment, unity, peace, balance, healing, consecration, protection, clairvoyance, solar magic, lunar magic


  • Glass: transformation, rebirth, focus, communication, all four elements
  • Cotton: healing, luck, protection, rain magic, purification


crochet cotton, glass stones, marker


If you’re new to rune reading or would like to learn more, please read this article: How To Use Rune Stones – Rune Reading Divination For Beginners


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