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Red Brick Dust Elements for Spells and Rituals


Add this red brick dust to poppets, spell sachets, spell candles, offering bowls or other magical uses. Wrapped in an origami packet and ready for any spell or ritual you choose.

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You Get: 1 packet brick dust | Herbs for spells


  • 1 oz. brick dust
  • Comes in an individually hand folded origami envelope, tied with pure white cord.
  • This brick was collected in Georgia and was crushed by hand. Small chunks and irregularities may be present.
  • Add to poppets, spell sachets, spell candles, offering bowls or use in ritual or whatever way best suits your spiritual needs.
  • Brick dust is typically spread outside one’s front door to protect from negativity and keep enemies away.
  • This product is not intended for culinary use. Do not eat.


2.5″ L x 2.5″ W (packet)



  •  Red Brick Dust: protection, cleansing, banishing


crushed red brick


Please note that no promise of results is offered or implied with this item. This product is only a ritual supply and the energy and intention of the user will decide the final outcome of its use.



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