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Printable Book of Shadows BOS Divider Pages and Stationery


Make your book of shadows something truly special with these attractive, coordinated sets of printable divider pages. Choose from a variety of styles to express your individual personality.



You Get

1 Printable PDF file download


Each pack contains 15 pages. One stationery page is lined with a faint border, the other is plain lined paper. The two front pages are Grimoire and Book of Shadows. The divider pages are Astrology, Deities, Esbats, Herbs, Incense, Reference and Notes, Oils, Rituals, Sabbats, Spells and Stones.

I recommend printing the divider pages on card stock, but you may print on any paper or stock of your choosing.

Please refer to the images for examples of each available design. All pages in each pack are fully coordinated for a beautiful finished book.


  • 13 divider pages (Two different front pages and 11 internal pages) and two stationery pages.
  • Delivered as a compressed ZIP file containing 15 high-quality printable PNG images designed to fit 8.5 x 11″ paper.


8.5″ W x 11″ H (printed)







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