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Pink and Silver Spider Web Hoop Earrings – Milkweed Magic

$30.00 $22.50

Add some delicate beauty to your day (or night) with these delightful hoops made of deftly spun spider silk and milkweed buds. The webbing will capture your eye, not to mention any passing magic!

In stock


You Get: 1 pair of earrings


  • Surgical steel French hook earwires.
  • Woven wire earrings with neon pink core glass beads.


2.4″ L x 1.3″ W



  • Pink: love, healing, family, friendship, selflessness, compassion, femininity, romance, spiritual healing, emotional healing, harmony, self-improvement, honor
  • Silver: femininity, stability, intuition, dreams, psychic ability, removing negativity, divinity, victory, meditation, lunar magic, luck


  •  Steel: protection, banishing nightmares, removing negativity


steel wire, glass beads, surgical steel French hook earwires


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