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Green Beaded Necklace and Earrings Set – Roots of Life


Bring all the power of rebirth, longevity and our connection to all things into your own world. Surrounded by leaf-colored beads, sparkling silver and green vines, this piece is truly magical.

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You Get

1 necklace, 1 pair of earrings


  • Steel barrel clasp necklace and surgical steel French hook earwires.
  • Made of green coated stainless steel wire formed into a hoop with a beaded dangle in the center with beads wrapped around the edges.
  • The necklace features a tree of life pendant inside a beaded wire wrap hoop.


Necklace: 20.5″ l (1.7″ round pendant) | Earrings: 2.3″ L x 1.4″ W



  • Green: luck, health, prosperity, vitality, nature, fertility, balance, abundance, emotional health, growth, marriage, plant magic, herbalism, courage, harmony, rejuvenation
  • Silver: femininity, stability, intuition, dreams, psychic ability, removing negativity, divinity, victory, meditation, lunar magic, luck


  • Steel: protection, banishing nightmares, removing negativity
  • Glass: transformation, rebirth, focus, communication, all four elements


colored steel wire, glass beads, silver plated glass beads, nylon thread, steel barrel clasp, steel pendant, surgical steel French hook earwires


I have collected all sorts of pendants over the years, but since I like to do original work, I rarely use them until I have an idea to transform them into something really unique. Well, here’s what happened to one tree of life pendant. Isn’t it pretty? I love how this came out. [laughs] I almost called it “The project that didn’t want to be” but I decided against it. This thing so did not want to cooperate! I got lashed and poked in the eye by wire, cut my thumb, pinged a bead across the room and almost scrapped the earrings. Luckily, I kept calm and kept working, and I think the result is pretty awesome.

I had intended for the earrings to be beaded on both the inside and the outside, but believe it or not, I couldn’t remember how to wrap on the inside of the hoop. I tried three times before I finally gave up on it. I’d done it before, but my brain just wasn’t cooperating. The hoops looked too plain though, so I took my pliers and made the little dangles. Even those gave me trouble, forming the end twists on my smallest pliers was really a test in patience.

It was also a bit of a challenge going back through the strand of beads. When I made the bail on the pendant I wasn’t even thinking that it would have to go over the barrel clasps. So here I am getting ready to attach the barrels when I look down and my brain goes “How are you going to get the pendant on after this?” I tried fitting the barrel through the bail and it was a no-go. So… I had to put the pendant onto the string of beads, then attach the barrel and re-string all along four times. It was a pain, but I managed.

Oh, and I almost forgot that I cut my thread too short, so when I got to the end I was left with about one inch to try to knot and burn. It was all I could do not to throw the thing across the room. It was frustrating, but I finally got it tied off and melted. I’m just glad that it all came out so beautiful in the end. That makes it worth all the frustration. If it hadn’t looked so good, I’d have had a really bad day. Luckily, it’s a great set and I’m very happy even after all the hiccups in making it.

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