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Groundhog Bones and Copper Links Necklace and Earring Set – Marmota Momax


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1 necklace, 1 pair of earrings


Hand formed copper link chain necklace with a groundhog (Marmota Momax) bone centerpiece attached with colored steel wire. The earrings are made of a copper link and a groundhog rib bone hanging by a hand formed wire fitting. An excellent curiosity piece or conversation starter.


  • Earrings have surgical steel kidney wires.


Necklace: 16.5″ L x 1.2″ W | Earrings: 3″ L x 1.2″ W



  • Copper: growth, fertility, career, passion, money, success, love, relationships
  • Groundhog: introspection, boundaries, patience, rebirth, success, revealing secrets


copper wire, colored steel wire, surgical steel kidney hook earwires, groundhog bones




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