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Merkabah Ornament with Zentangle Pattern – Love Calls

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Merkaba ornament with Zentangle pattern. Handcrafted from card stock with ink and watercolor marker. Lovely sacred geometry decoration.


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Zentangle Merkabah Ornament – Love Calls

You Get

1 merkabah ornament


Zentangle pattern in black gel pen, colored with markers on hand-cut card stock, formed into a stellated octahedron.


  • Also called: stella octangula, stellated octahedron, star tetrahedron, merkaba
  • 3″ string loop for hanging.


3″ L x 3″ W x 3″ H



  •  Merkabah: connection to and attunement with the higher realms, love, astral projection, energy movement, healing


card stock, crochet cotton, gel pen, marker, glue



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