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Red Ten Bead Blessing Counter – Live Courageously


Whether you’re counting your blessings, good deeds or wishes, this counter is sure to serve you well for a long time to come.

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You Get

1 blessing counter | Good deed counter


  • 10 beads for counting
  • Woven on cotton cord
  • With each act of kindness, wish or prayer, slide a bead toward the end of the counter. Upon reaching the end, you can slide all the beads back, or simply work your way back in the other direction.
  • Sometimes called sacrifice beads, blessing beads or wish beads, these counters allow you to keep track of how many acts of kindness you have performed in a day, how many blessings you have received, or to count wishes you’d like fulfilled.


4.5″ L x .5″ W



  • Red: love, passion, sexuality, strength, vitality, survival, fertility, courage, action, fire, independence, willpower, magnetism


  •  Cotton: healing, luck, protection, rain magic, purification


Cotton thread, acrylic beads, acrylic accents





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