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Interchangeable Copper Spiral Beaded Earrings Set – Unfurling Fiddleheads

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Like dew-touched fiddleheads unspirialing in the morning sun, these earrings have a natural movement and flow that brings you closer to a moment of spring’s simple allure.

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You Get: 1 set of earwires, 3 pairs of dangles


  • Interchangeable design.
  • Surgical steel French hook earwires.
  • These earrings are made of hand-formed copper with glass beads woven around the outside in copper wire.
  • Three sets of earrings designed to hang interchangeably from one provided pair of surgical steel hooks (see pictures).
  • One set has light blue beads, one has pearlescent pale green and one has iridescent beads.


1.9″ L



  • Light blue: change, travel, intellect, creativity, healing, peace, prosperity, growth, spirituality, meditation, protection
  • Iridescent: perceptiveness, organization, detachment, inginuity, goals, insight, self-expression, breaking convention
  • Green: luck, health, prosperity, vitality, nature, fertility, balance, abundance, emotional health, growth, marriage, plant magic, herbalism, courage, harmony, rejuvenation


  •  Copper: growth, fertility, career, passion, money, success, love, relationships


copper wire, glass beads, surgical steel hook earwires


These earrings are a result of trying to use up weird materials that someone gave me for free. In with a selection of your typical jewelry findings were several sets of hooks that were apparently intended to have changeable decorations hung from them. I had no idea what to do with them at first, but then I figured if I was going to make interchangeable earrings, I may as well offer several pairs in a set.

I was kind of at a loss at first, so I just started messing with beads and wire. Sometimes I do that, just playing around with no real idea of what I’m making until something starts to take form. These were like that. They just kind of happened. Pretty cool, right?

*laughs* These didn’t actually get their name until well after I’d finished them. I was trying to come up with titles for the shop, and it occurred to me that they looked like the fiddleheads I’d seen all over the place growing up in Maine. Of course, it also occurred to me that even though I spent most of my life up there, I’d never actually eaten fiddleheads, in spite of how common that was up there.

All in all, I’m really pleased with how these came out. I like the way they swing when they hang. I’m a big fan of movement in earrings after all. I do wonder if their future owner will wear them in matched pairs or mix them up and get funky. I guess it depends on how adventurous they are. *grins*




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