Steel Wire Incense Holder with Blue Faceted Beads - Spring Rain | BrianaDragon Creations

Steel Wire Incense Holder with Blue Faceted Beads – Spring Rain

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1 incense holder


Vertical incense holder made up of hand formed steel wire and faceted blue and clear acrylic beads.


  • Designed to hold standard stick incense.


1″ L x 2.5″ W x 2″ H



  • Blue: communication, willpower, focus, forgiveness, good fortune, weight loss, truth, fidelity, patience, harmony, removing negativity, sincerity, astral projection, water, health, psychic awareness, intuition, opportunity, understanding, dreams, protection, meditation


  •  Steel: protection, banishing nightmares, removing negativity


acrylic beads, steel wire


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