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Brass and Yellow Double Curve Earrings – Sunny Disposition


Happiness and confidence are sure to follow you in these earrings. Inspired by the golden shower trees of India, these vibrant yellow swoops are like wearing sunshine!

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You Get

1 pair of earrings


  • Brass French hook earwires.
  • Brass head pins formed into sweeping curves and gentle curves.
  • The longer curves have two translucent faceted acrylic beads separated and topped off with yellow glass beads.
  • The shorter sections have one faceted bead each, topped off with yellow glass beads.


3.8″ L x 0.7″ W



  • Yellow: positivity, courage, vitality, progress, communication, clarity, focus, success, happiness, learning, memory, inspiration, solar magic, charm, confidence, unity


  •  Brass: money, attraction, protection


brass head pins, glass beads, acrylic beads, brass French hook earwires


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