Baby Blue and Gold Beaded Hoop Earrings - Budding Bluebell | BrianaDragon Creations

Baby Blue and Gold Beaded Hoop Earrings – Budding Bluebell

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You Get

1 pair of earrings


Gold-look steel hoop earrings with alternating pearlescent baby blue glass and gold colored acrylic beads woven around the outside.


  • Lever back closure.


1.9″ L



  • Light blue: change, travel, intellect, creativity, healing, peace, prosperity, growth, spirituality, meditation, protection
  • Gold: masculinity, luxury, power, success, confidence, creativity, divinity, abundance, solar magic, justice, health, attraction, energy, strength, mental ability


  •  Glass: transformation, rebirth, focus, communication, all four elements


glass beads, steel wire, steel hoops


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