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Iridescent Dragon Skin Hoop Earrings – Dragon’s Vow


Crafted from scale fragments from The Great Dark Dragon. You can almost feel his winged embrace in these earrings that embody his vow to protect all those who dwell in darkness.

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You Get

1 pair of earrings


  • Surgical steel French hook earwires.
  • Made of iridescent glass beads stitched into a peyote tube which is sewn around a steel hoop.


3.1″ L x 1.9″ W



  • Iridescent: perceptiveness, organization, detachment, ingenuity, goals, insight, self-expression, breaking convention


  •  Glass: transformation, rebirth, focus, communication, all four elements


beading thread, glass beads, steel wire, surgical steel French hook earwires




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