White and Blue Frosted Glass Russian Leaf Earrings - Touch of Frost | BrianaDragon Creations

White and Blue Frosted Glass Russian Leaf Earrings – Touch of Frost

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1 pair of earrings


These beautiful earrings are made of white and blue colored frosted glass beads. The arrangement is hung from surgical steel French hook earwires.


  • Surgical steel French hook earwires.


2″ L x 1.1″ W



  • Light blue: change, travel, intellect, creativity, healing, peace, prosperity, growth, spirituality, meditation, protectiontruth
  • White: purity, truth, inspiration, clarity, spirituality, enlightenment, unity, peace, balance, healing, consecration, protection, clairvoyance, solar magic, lunar magic


  •  Glass: transformation, rebirth, focus, communication, all four elements


beading thread, glass beads, surgical steel French hook earwires


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