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Burgundy Wire Macrame Dragonfly Necklace and Earrings Set – Wishes Delivered


Tasked with carrying the wishes of fairies to human hearts, these ruddy darter dragonflies will flutter close by, bringing all your dreams to life. Treat them well and they will make all your wishes come true.

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You Get: 1 dragonfly jewelry set (1 necklace, 1 pair of earrings)


  • Over-the-head design.
  • Surgical steel kidney hook earwire.
  • The necklace is a single stand of purple glass beads.
  • The center of the necklace is a hand formed macrame dragonfly made of colored wire.
  • Each earring has a smaller version of the wire dragonfly.
  • Dragonflies represent change, self-realization and the deeper meaning of life.


Necklace: 26.8″ L (2″ L x 2.2″ W pendant) | Earrings: 1.3″ L x 0.9″ W

Color Correspondences

  • Red: love, passion, sexuality, strength, vitality, survival, fertility, courage, action, fire, independence, willpower, magnetism
  • Purple: knowledge, intuition, spirituality, higher self, insight, clarity, energy, power, happiness, healing, relaxation, peace

Component Properties

  • Steel: protection, banishing nightmares, removing negativity
  • Glass: transformation, rebirth, focus, communication, all four elements


colored steel wire, beading thread, glass beads, surgical steel kidney hook earwires


What happens when you’re trying to create something and everything keeps failing so horribly that you try using the “wrong” materials just to get something in the realm of what you were trying to create? Wire dragonflies! Well, at least that’s what happened with this set.

My original idea was spawned from seeing some really pretty macrame insects online. They were made with a kind of cord that I didn’t have and couldn’t get, so I was trying everything I had. I tried crochet cotton, embroidery floss and yarn, but they were too floppy. I tried hemp, but that was just ugly. I tried some kite string, but that was ugly and wouldn’t hold up. Eventually, I got so frustrated that I just said “to hell with it!” and grabbed some wire, just to see if I could get the technique right.

I was worried at first, because once you put a kink in wire, you’re stuck with it. You really can’t mess up, because it means you have to cut the wire and throw it away. I had to be really careful, but somehow I actually did it. I got a wonderful burgundy dragonfly. I was elated! Well, that was until I started to wonder what the heck I was going to do with it. After a bit of thinking, I decided that giving it two little friends would make it a really cute set.

Figuring out how to add the necklace part was a whole new challenge. I couldn’t think of how to get a strand through the head part, so my only option was to do something coming off the wings. I’d never done a necklace that way, but I figured it out. I decided to go with an over-the-head design to cut down on the number of starts and stops in stringing, and I’m actually glad i did, because I think it flows a lot better than it would have with a clasp. Overall, my frustration turned into something that I think someone is really going to love. Anyway, who doesn’t like dragonflies? *smiles*


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