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Dragon Skull and Talons Necklace and Earrings Set – Ancient Memory


Whenever you wear this dragon skull set, you can instantly feel connected to the memories of the ages, and the ancient knowledge that all dragons carry with them.

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You Get: 1 dragon jewelry set (1 necklace, 1 pair of earrings)


  • Stainless steel chain.
  • Aged dragon skull and talons sculpted in polymer clay.
  • The dragon skull is hanging on a steel chain, the talon earrings are hanging from kidney wire hooks.


Necklace: 20.8″ L (1.7″ L x 0.8′ W x 0.6″ H pendant) | Earrings: 1.9″ L x 0.5″ W

Color Correspondences

  • White: purity, truth, inspiration, clarity, spirituality, enlightenment, unity, peace, balance, healing, consecration, protection, clairvoyance, solar magic, lunar magic

Component Properties

  •  Steel: protection, banishing nightmares, removing negativity


Steel chain, steel wire, polymer clay, surgical steel kidney hook earwires




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