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Crochet Goddess Green Amigurumi Doll – Goddess of Earth


Enjoy the richness of nature with this green crochet goddess doll. Her serene face and the balancing and protecting powers of her red jasper jewelry will surely bring harmony and abundance to your home or altar.


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Crochet Goddess Green Amigurumi Doll – Goddess of Earth

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1 crochet goddess doll


  • This piece is called “Goddess of Earth”
  • Hand crafted with attention to detail.
  • This doll is crocheted with cotton and stuffed with poly fiberfill.
  • Two tone green with 200 strands of hand-strung hair in brown and green.
  • Wearing earrings and a necklace with silver beads and real red jasper gemstone chips.
  • Facial details are made of craft foam.
  • This beautifully crocheted earth goddess doll is inspired by Gaia, also known as Gaea, Mother Earth, The Great Goddess, the mother of all things. She is a representation of all things natural, and is a protector of all plants, animals and people. The Goddess is associated with femininity, beauty and womanhood. She’s perfect for any Pagan or Wiccan home or altar. Even if you’re not spiritual, she’s a lovely way to symbolize nature and the earth. This crochet goddess doll is made from a pattern that I created myself. It took a fair amount of trial and error to make her perfect in my eyes, and now she’s like no other goddess doll you’ll find. She features handmade facial features with a serene expression and hair that was attached one strand at a time. Her jewelry is also handcrafted with gemstones and sterling silver beads. Please note that this amigurumi doll is intended for ritual or display purposes only and is not a toy.
  • Small parts. Not intended for children.


8.4″ L x 2.4″ W (across arms) x 2.6″ H (front to back)



  • Green: luck, health, prosperity, vitality, nature, fertility, balance, abundance, emotional health, growth, marriage, plant magic, herbalism, courage, harmony, rejuvenation


  • Red Jasper: protection, justice, friendship, balance
  • Cotton: healing, luck, protection, rain magic, purification


crochet cotton, poly fiberfill, craft foam, sterling silver beads, steel wire, red jasper gemstone chips




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