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Drawstring Bag Pattern Crochet Pattern


Quickly create your own drawstring bags for runes, dice or gifts using this easy-to-follow pattern. Keep the finished product simple, or decorate to your heart’s content.

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Drawstring Bag Pattern | Crochet Pattern

You Get: 1 drawstring bag pattern PDF file download


Crochet pattern for making a drawstring bag from #10 crochet cotton. This is the pattern I use for my rune bags, but it can also be used to make dice bags, gift bags, or for whatever purpose you choose. Instructions are easy to follow and the PDF includes a photo of a possible decoration option. You may leave your bag plain or add decorative elements as you see fit.


  • Finished bag is approximately 3.5″ tall x 3″ wide.
  • Suitable for those with moderate crochet skills.


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