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Coffin Nails Elements for Spells and Rituals

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Add the protective power of coffin nails to poppets, spell sachets, spell candles, offering bowls or other magical uses.

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Coffin Nails | Elements for Spells and Rituals

You Get: 5 coffin nails


  • These nails were prepared and collected by hand in Wichita Falls, TX from a grave consecrated by an ordained interfaith minister.
  • The nails spent one full moon cycle buried in hallowed ground, from new moon to new moon.
  • Add to poppets, spell sachets, spell candles, offering bowls, witch bottles or use in ritual or whatever way best suits your spiritual needs.
  • A small amount of grave dirt may be present on the nails.


2.5″ L x 0.25″ W each

Component Properties

  •  Coffin Nails: protection, reversal, connecting with the dead, fidelity


consecrated aged nails


Please note that no promise of results is offered or implied with this item. This product is only a ritual supply and the energy and intention of the user will decide the final outcome of its use.


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