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Brown Wish Leaves Elements for Spells and Rituals

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Use these wishing leaves to fulfill your desires. Write your wish onto the leaf, then burn it, bury it, or cast it on the wind.

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Brown Wish Leaves Elements for Spells and Rituals

You Get:

10 brown wish leaves


  • These brown wish leaves are drawn, cut, painted and embossed by hand in Wichita Falls, TX.
  • Infused with Bay and Ginseng, which are known for their powers in wish granting.
  • Hand embossed.
  • Wishing leaves are used to fulfill desires. Write your wish onto the leaf, then burn it, bury it, or cast it on the wind.
  • These leaves can also be used to write wishes for another, such as a wedding wish tree.
  • The leaves you receive will all be blank. Leaves with writing are not included.


2″ L x 1.5″ W (each)

Color Correspondences

  • Brown: blessing, animal/pet magic, earth magic, concentration, stability, locating lost objects, construction, food, finances

Component Properties

  • Bay Leaf: Anti-sorcery, healing, protection, psychic powers, purification, strength, uncrossing
  • Ginseng: beauty, creativity, fertility, healing, health, love, lust, money, prosperity, protection, sexual potency, virility, wishes


Paper, Bay Leaf and Ginseng infusion, watercolor paint


*laughs* There was quite a string of thought that led to the making of these leaves. I was browsing Pagan pins on Pinterest, and came across a pin about writing wishes on bay leaves. I thought: “What a cool idea. Could I do something like that for the shop? Eh, bay leaves are expensive, and they never have good, big ones. Maybe I could make them out of paper. Wait, isn’t that a thing? *looks on Pinterest for paper leaves, and sees they’re a popular thing at weddings* Well, other people are doing it, kinda, but they’re not spiritual, and they’re mass cut. I think I can do something better and cooler.” And then I was off!

Now, unlike most people who make and sell paper or card stock leaves, I don’t have a working printer, a fancy cutter thingamajig, or much money. So I’ve got to do everything by hand. Not that I mind, actually. It’s kind of a thing for me. I like doing things fully by hand. I think it adds a lot to the final piece. But back tot he topic… I was sitting there contemplating how in the hell I was going to pull this off, and how I was going to make mine special.

The first thing I decided to do was draw a leaf that wasn’t like all the others out there. Mine is a little swoopy, tear-dropy (yeah, I just invented that word) and just a bit different from anything else. I knew I couldn’t do them all freehand, so I made a template out of cardboard from a cereal box and proceeded to trace away, making multiple sheets. I was sitting there looking at them, and trying to think of a way to make them more special. Then inspiration struck.

I set the sheets aside and went into the kitchen. I had decided that I was going to use watercolors to paint the leaves, so, what if I made infused water to paint with? Brilliant! I could bring the power of herbs (I love herb magic!) into the leaves while I painted. Off to the cabinets I went and put herbs into a glass jar with warm water to steep overnight.

The next morning I carefully painted the leaves with my lovely herbal tea and watercolor paint. After they dried, I cut every single leaf out one by one. Man did my hands ache! It’s for the love of the craft though. Hand aches aside, I still didn’t think they were good enough. I wanted veins, but I didn’t want to draw on them and interfere with the writing space. It didn’t take long for me to remember that I had a tool for embossing clay, and I could use that to emboss the leaves and give them more depth and detail. It’s too bad you can’t see it all that well in the photos, because that really was the finishing touch that made them truly beautiful.

I hope whoever comes to own these brown wish leaves appreciates the effort that went into them, and that all their wishes come true.


Please note that no promise of results is offered or implied with this item. This product is only a ritual supply and the energy and intention of the user will decide the final outcome of its use.



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