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Book Closure Band White for Book of Shadows Protection – Sacred Text


Protect your Book of shadows, diary, or any other book from prying eyes and negative energies using this macrame protection book band.

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Book Closure Band White for Book of Shadows Protection – Sacred Text

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1 protection book closure band


  • This piece is called “Sacred Text”
  • Hand crafted macrame knotwork in white crochet cotton.
  • Seven round buttons are woven into the center of the macrame band. Seven is considered to be a protective number.
  • Fits most books up to a 1.5″ ring binder. Smaller books can be wrapped multiple times.
  • You can protect your Book of Shadows, diary, or any other book by wrapping it with this band and tying it.
  • Inspired by the paper or elastic “belly bands” found on some books and journals. Knots are considered very powerful in protection spells, which is the reason for the macrame knotwork that adorns most of the length of this band. The seven buttons are another protective element, due to the number’s association with safety, security and luck. (The buttons can be aligned across the front, back or spine of your chosen book.) The color white is associated with purity and repelling negativity, which can keep negative energies out of the book you choose to wrap it around. Wrap the book closure band around your grimoire, diary, or other special book and tie it to add magical protection from prying eyes. In pagan traditions (as well as others), it’s considered very important to keep your Book of Shadows a secret from others, so the protective energies of this band add a powerful element to your sacred book. It’s also an attractive adornment that makes your BOS or journal a little bit more special.


39″ L, .44″ W (buttons)

Color Correspondences

  • White: purity, truth, inspiration, clarity, spirituality, enlightenment, unity, peace, balance, healing, consecration, protection, clairvoyance, solar magic, lunar magic

Component Properties

  • Cotton: healing, luck, protection, rain magic, purification


crochet cotton, plastic buttons





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