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Blue and Silver Wire Dragon Incense Burner – Mystic Dragon


Bring psychic ability, focus and understanding into your life with this mystical creature. Allow the wisdom of the dragon to aid in your magical workings and guide you to deeper meaning.

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You Get: 1 dragon incense burner, incense not included


  • Hand woven black and silver steel wire and blue iridescent beads with a metal bead for the eye
  • Designed to hold standard stick incense
  • Can also be hung as an ornament or decoration
  • Dragons represent wealth, prosperity, wisdom, protection and long life.


3.8″ L, 2.5″ W, 0.8″ H

Color Correspondences

  • Blue: communication, willpower, focus, forgiveness, good fortune, weight loss, truth, fidelity, patience, harmony, removing negativity, sincerity, astral projection, water, health, psychic awareness, intuition, opportunity, understanding, dreams, protection, meditation
  • Silver: femininity, stability, intuition, dreams, psychic ability, removing negativity, divinity, victory, meditation, lunar magic, luck
  • Black: protection, respect, honor, meditation, banishing, grounding, wisdom, learning, uncrossing, repelling negativity, shapeshifting, scrying, contacting spirits, night, truth

Component Properties

  • Steel: protection, banishing nightmares, removing negativity


glass beads, metal bead, steel wire




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