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Blue Crocheted Drawstring Amulet Bag with Glass Bead Closure – Captured Waves

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1 amulet bag


Braided cord with glass bead closure. This bag can be hung as a decoration or worn around the neck. It is perfect for carrying herbs, stones, charms or anything you’d like to keep close to your heart. It could even be used to hold a small gift such as a ring.


  • Hand washable
  • Large push bead can come off the end of the cord if you wish to remove it.


24″ L x 1.2″ W x 1.6″ H



  • Blue: communication, willpower, focus, forgiveness, good fortune, weight loss, truth, fidelity, patience, harmony, removing negativity, sincerity, astral projection, water, health, psychic awareness, intuition, opportunity, understanding, dreams, protection, meditation


  •  Cotton: healing, luck, protection, rain magic, purification


crochet cotton, glass beads


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