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Intention Attracting Spell Ritual for Health, Wealth, Love and More

Spell Candle Magic - © Briana Blair
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This is my first time sharing any of my spellwork online, so bear with me as I figure out how to present this to you. This working was originally done by myself and Eric, I am an Eclectic and he follows an Eclectic Dragon path, but this spell can be done by anyone of any faith, and can also be done by a single practitioner or in a group setting.

What you’ll need:

Herbs – stones – a candle – a shot glass and liquid for libation – other small items (optional) – paper and writing implement(s)

First I’m going to tell you how we did our spellwork and what our intentions were, then I’ll talk more about how you can customize the spell for your own intentions. You can either replicate our version, or make it more specific to your needs.

This spell is for drawing in the intentions of health, wealth, love, magic and luck. The focal point of the piece is the candle. I chose red because it’s a good color for love, and also a power color. It happens to be cinnamon scented, which is an energy and wealth scent. A piece of paper is wrapped around the candle and I used gold and silver pens to write the words on it. I use Hindi because I love how it looks so magical, and I also like the way it sounds when spoken. The five words are repeated on three lines in alternating colors.

On the plate Eric placed a piece of pyrite (wealth), a piece of jasper (luck) and a piece of hematite (healing, dispelling negativity). I added pennyroyal (love), peppermint (health, changes) and red pepper flake (power). We set the candle on the sprinkled herbs with the stones around it. We were both touching the candle as it was placed on the plate.

To this we added a shot glass with a very small amount of rum. Eric added the die, which represented directionality, and had other meaning. (That was his touch, I didn’t ask for a lot of details.) Once everything was in place we took it into the living room and put it on the coffee table. We held hands and focused on our intentions, then lit the candle. We allowed it to burn for several hours until we were ready for bed. The we focused once again on our intentions and blew out the candle. We each took a tiny sip of the drink that had been absorbing energy all night, thus bringing the energy into our bodies in a more literal sense. After that we took the plate into our room and put it on my altar. We will bring it out and light it each night and focus on our intentions until the candle is totally burned out.

We have already started to see the results from this casting. I usually have trouble sleeping, but I slept well, and even a bit late, which was wonderful. The heartburn I’ve had for days was gone. Eric slept well and feels quite good today. We went to the store and I found the most perfect cinnamon broom at 50% off. Almost everything we wanted to buy for my birthday dessert was on discount. I made a book sale while we were out and I was told by a friend that I’d be getting another one soon. When we went to lunch the food I wanted was also on sale. We’ve also been reveling happily in the new spiritual connection that we’re forming with each other. And it’s only been 18 hours since we first lit the candle. As we burn it over the next few days I foresee much more good coming our way.

To customize this for your own intention, be sure to use herbs and stones that correspond with your intention. When you write on the paper, use a font, language and colors that feel good to you. You can use single words, phrases or even a poem, whatever feels best to you. Be sure your candle color meshes with your intention. You can always use white or silver if you’re not sure or have multiple intentions. Adding other items to the plate is optional, but if you add any, use things that feel good and make you think of your intentions or deities. As for the shot glass, you can use alcohol, juice or water, whatever you prefer. You can also use a small piece of bread, dense cake or sugar cookie in place of the drink. We also had a doll near the candle, she’s my representation of Nike, the goddess of victory to whom libations are given to gain her favor. If you have representations of your deity or deities, feel free to introduce them into the mix. Also, be sure that you clearly know what your intention is, and that you believe that it will come to you. Nothing will kill a spell or ritual faster than doubt.

Overall, it’s important that your spellwork feel right to you. It’s totally okay to change things up if something doesn’t feel right. I know a lot of spiritual paths insist on rigid magical practices, but flexibility and fluidity are a big part of my path, and I encourage it in others. I take bits and pieces from lots of different traditions to form my practices, and it works. Rigid spellwork often fails because the practitioner doesn’t really feel good about it, but I’ll discuss that issue at a later date. As for this bit of spellwork, I hope that it brings you magic and the swift fulfillment of your intentions.


“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” ― Roald Dahl

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Briana Blair

Briana Blair

Briana Blair is an author and artisan. She has published more then 30 books and thousands of articles across multiple sites. After practicing Paganism and witchcraft for 25 years, she's now on a journey as an atheist and skeptic. She's eclectic, unpredictable, and always evolving. Facebook - Twitter



    Wow, love that the work is already having awesome results!

      Briana Blair

      Me too. I’m really happy.

    Eric Peacock

    The drink in the glass is a sacrifice, a receptacle, and an offering of friendship to the gods. In this case, spiced rum was chosen because it representative of both fire and water. I also chose rum because you shouldn’t be a cheapskate when sharing a drink with a deity, they frown on that sort of thing (I would in their position).


    I’m so glad to see you sharing your spell work. I know it will be very beneficial and puts good energies out into the world. 🙂

      Briana Blair

      I need to do more of them, I’ve just been really off my game because of all the moving stuff.

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