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I’m Trying to Go With More Natural Beauty Products

Natural Bath And Beauty Products - Image: © Briana Blair
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As part of my whole personal awesomeness project, I’m working on my body as well as everything else. I’ve mentioned before that I’m eating better, and I’m also switching to more natural products.

I’ve already switched to natural toothpaste, hand soap and lotion. I’m also using sugar scrub that I make at home. For my really rough spots, like my feet, I’m using unrefined shea butter, and I’m using vitamin E oil for my dark under-eye circles.

I really love going more natural, even though it is more expensive. It’s too bad that good-for-you products cost so much more than the chemical-laden, animal-tested junk, but until people stop buying the processed junk, the prices of other products won’t come down. I’m doing my part to support the natural product industry, and also taking money out of corporate pockets by making my own products.

I want to go natural with other things too. I’m a little nervous about switching to a natural shampoo and conditioner, but I’m planning to try to find something good, preferably in a small enough size that I’m not stuck with a ton if I don’t like it. I’m also thinking about a natural bodywash if I can find one.

Another thing I’m going to look into today is a natural hair removal method. I hate using a razor, and I get so many ingrown hairs from shaving. It makes my legs look awful. I don’t want to use Nair, and waxing is both painful and messy. I’m hoping I can find another option. It would be great to find something that’s a unisex option too, since Eric has sensitive skin and shaving makes a mess of his face.

What natural health and beauty products and methods do you use? Do you have any suggestions for going more natural without breaking the bank? I’m only making my own or buying from indie sellers, I’m not giving my money to some huge company, even if they do have natural products.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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