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If You Were a Vampire, Who Would You Eat?

Vampire Man Person - Image: Public Domain, Morguefile
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Vampire Man Person - Image: Public Domain, Morguefile

Bad Guys Are so Tasty

In movies, television and books we’ve seen some vampires make a conscious choice as to who or what they feed on. If you were a vampire, who would you feed on to survive?

Some vampires, depending on the mythology used, have the option of feeding on animals to stay alive, and in some stories we have seen them do just that. In an attempt to blend in with modern society or maintain more of their humanity, they will feed on animals for blood, rather than feeding on humans. However, there are many myths which state that a vampire can only survive on human blood. In these cases, a vampire might face some moral or ethical questions when it comes to feeding, which they must do in order to survive.

For the sake of this article, we’re going to eliminate the vampire stories in which our blood-sucking night stalkers can acquire and feed on bagged blood from a hospital, and there is no such thing as simulated blood. We’re going to talk about vampires who can only survive on the blood of a living human being, and nothing else will suffice. We’re also going to assume that willing victims are few and far between.

I have seen some vampires simply give in to their beastly nature and feed on whatever unwary human happens to pass by. These vampires tend to be violent and evil, and we are meant not to like them because they show no control, and no respect for other forms of life. Other vampires make choices about what type of people they feed on, based on their own personal ethics and morals. As viewers we like these vampires more, because they are showing some restraint, and they are being conscientious as to who they feed on and why.

So what criteria do these kinds of vampires use to choose their prey? Well, some kill those who do evil. By feeding on murderers, rapists, abusers, swindlers and other doers of evil acts, they feel that they’re doing a service to the world. Every meal is one less hardcore criminal on the streets. Others feed on the homeless or junkies. Again, these vampires feel that they’re providing a community service because they’re cleaning up the scum of the earth. Still others will feed on the diseased (for vampires that are totally immune to human diseases) as a service to prevent these people from spreading their illnesses to others. Some even feed on the wealthy, as many of them tend to be less than scrupulous individuals.

So, if you were a vampire, who would you feed on? Would you eat rich people, evil people, the homeless, the diseased, or just anyone who happened by? Would you kill everyone you fed from, or would you try to leave them alive? If you left them alive, would you feed on the same people over and over again, or would you never hit the same victim twice? I think it’s an interesting set of questions, and it might say something about the kind of person you are.

I think if I were a vampire I’d probably feed on whoever was convenient at the time, and I’d do my best never to kill or seriously maim anyone. However, I would be on the lookout for heinous criminals. If I knew the guy on the street corner was a pedophile or a murderer, I’d feed from him and kill him. Now, I know many might disagree with the idea of vigilante justice, but hey, why not save the cops some time and money? I’d be making the world a safer place and getting a meal at the same time. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

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Briana Blair

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