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If You See Someone In Danger, Help Them

Posted by / June 30, 2014 / 4 Comments

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Bruise Man Arm Injury - Image: Public Domain, MorguefileI was just browsing around the internet and saw a video of a Chinese woman being beaten by a man that was presumably her husband. After she was beaten down to the ground people finally stepped in. Viewers are praising the crowd, but I think it took far too long for them to act, and it shows a major flaw in society all around the world.

If I saw a man beating a woman like in that video, I would have grabbed the nearest weapon-like object and smacked the bastard with it. I don’t care what she did or didn’t do, there’s no excuse for bashing someone’s head into a truck and kicking them when they’re down. Might I have been arrested for assault? Sure. But I’d have done it anyway in defense of the woman.

Some people think this sort of thing only happens in other countries, but it happens here too. I saw a report on television a few months ago about how New York city has been dubbed the “I saw nothing” capital. People will watch violence and do nothing. People hear violence and do nothing. It’s sick and sad. It’s also a global issue, not one limited to any particular city or country.

What’s worse is the people who will record video of rape, abuse or illegal activity while doing nothing to stop it. Sure, record it as proof, but do something about it. Step in. I know it’s hard to put yourself in danger’s way, but someone has to. Still uglier and more disgusting are people who find videos of rape and abuse amusing. Those people need the most serious mental help.

I have been hit, but I left. I have seen abuse and tried to get the victim out. I have stepped into the middle of a fight. Any good person would, I think. I can’t understand how anyone could stand idly by and allow someone to be abused in any way. We should protect one another, even if we may get hurt in the process. A gun is about the only thing that would stop me from personally intervening, but I’d sure as hell call the police in a heartbeat.

We need to all care more about each other and stand up for what’s right. Even if the person in harm’s way is a stranger, you may be the one who saves their life. If you see something happening, or know something’s happening, do something about it. Even bullying or child abuse. Any harm coming to another person needs to be stopped. If you don’t do something, who will?

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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    Eric Peacock

    A lot of the time you don’t even need to record anything for proof, with as many cameras as there are out there. I would seriously risk assault charges to stop a beating.

      Briana Blair

      True. It just disgusts me when people record crimes on their phones and use it on social networks as entertainment or privately for fun.


        It’s like people enjoy watching others suffer, as if “hey at least I’m not them!”


    Douglas Adams wrote in his brilliant Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series about the concept of “someone else’s problem” and how people tend to not want to involve themselves in things that they don’t have to. That series was written quite awhile ago now, but it was a very important commentary on society that definitely rings true especially now.

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