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If Vampires Are Real, What Else is Too?

Vampire Teeth Mouth Lips Woman - Image: Public Domain, Morguefile
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Vampire Teeth Mouth Lips Woman - Image: Public Domain, Morguefile

Could There Be Many Types of Supernatural Creature?

If you found out that vampires were real, wouldn’t you start to wonder what other supernatural creatures are real too? As a big fan of True Blood, I’ve actually given some thought to what would happen if vampires “came out of the coffin” and made their existence known to the world. If you set all of the directly vampire-related issues aside, there is something else that might arise out of the discovery that vampires are real. People would likely start to wonder what else that goes bump in the night might be real too.

If there are vampires out there, would that mean that there are werewolves too? In a great deal of fiction, both movies and books, vampires and werewolves exist in the same world, and have been enemies at war for centuries. What if werewolves did exist? If vampires came out would the weres come out too? Would their hate for each other (if that part’s true) spill out into the human world?

If there were vampires and were-creatures, could there also be the possibility of shapeshifters? It’d probably be pretty easy for a shifter to blend into normal society, and we’d never know it. If they did exist. How would it affect the world? How would your life change if you knew that the fly on your wall, the bird on your window ledge or the stray dog in your yard might actually be a person? People might become extremely paranoid if that were true and the public knew about it.

People could easily go insane trying to think about all the things that might exist if we had proof that supernatural beings of any kind existed. What about succubi, incubi, sirens, or physically manifested deities? What about trolls, faeries, pixies and other beings? The list could go on forever. And one has to keep in mind the possibility that vampires, weres and any of these other creatures may not be what film and literature have lead us to believe they are. They might be something completely unexpected, and may have been among us since the beginning of time.

Of course, there’s also the possibility that any number of supernatural creatures might be aliens. That would really blow people’s minds. Imagine if you found out that not only are these beings real, but that they came from other planets? There might be a mass global panic if we found out there were extraterrestrial beings living alongside us.

I have a feeling that even if one or more types of supernatural being really exist, they probably won’t ever expose themselves to the public. Humans pretty much hate everything they don’t understand, and it’s likely that many people would try to kill these “abominations”. It would be safer for them to stay hidden, and only reveal their identities to individuals that they trust. The world at large may never be ready to know if things which are not human are living here on Earth with us.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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