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If It Isn’t Broken, Don’t Fix It

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Posted by / August 21, 2014 / 1 Comments

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Question Marks SignsAs strange as it may sound, this is something that upsets me on a regular basis. Change for the sake of change.

Now unlike many people, I accept the inevitability of change and embrace it. I know that change is one of the few things in this life that you can truly count on. However, I don’t believe in changing something just for the sake of change.

Every time I see “New and Improved” on a product I like, I cringe. I know that %80 of the time when companies change their product, I’m going to stop buying it. Why do I stop you ask? Simple, they change it to the point that I don’t like it anymore. I buy things with specific needs and wants in mind, just like you do. If it doesn’t do what I need, then I don’t buy it.

Food products are one thing that seem to change far too often. I’ve had to stop buying foods so many times over the past year or two that I lost count. All the low-sodium and low-fat hype that gets thrown around willy nilly makes these companies foolishly think that they need to make their products “safer”.  How dumb can you get? If people ate like responsible human beings instead of the paranoid consumer sheeple that they are, then my food would still be tasty. Fat in and of itself isn’t bad for you. It’s when you gobble it down like a polar bear that it’s bad for you. You need some fats in your diet for proper bodily functions, children need more fat than adults so they develop properly. Sodium also isn’t bad for you in reasonable amounts. As a matter of fact, people like me need MORE salt instead of less. Every time a product goes “low-sodium”, I have to find other food with salt in it.

How often have you went to buy something that you’ve been buying for years only to discover that they changed it to suit some new marketing trend? Did your shampoo stop working for you when they added some trendy new herb? Was something wrong with it before? Companies need to STOP changing products to suit marketing trends. You want to change something? Make it work BETTER, not worse.

“New and improved” should mean new and improved, it shouldn’t mean trendy but useless.

When was the last time you had to find different product because the one you’ve used for a long time changed and quit working? If it’s not broken, It doesn’t need to be fixed!



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    Unfortunately as you said the change for the sake of marketing trends often does actually increase sales. That’s obviously not a good thing but that’s why they do it. People can be such sheep.

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