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I Wish The World Would Nix The Negativity

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Image: Public Domain, Clker

Image: Public Domain, Clker


As I was typing the last paragraph of my last post I really got to thinking about how the world can be a real pain in the ass. People have become so negative and generally shitty that it’s almost impossible to be optimistic and have faith in anything. I actually stopped writing as much because it was just getting to me. Sometimes I really just wish that the world would shut up and let people be.

I mentioned the negativity at a forum I went to, and that’s just one example of how it is all over. People aren’t generally encouraging and supportive. They’re pretty crappy. They tell you all the ways that you’re going to fail rather than telling you all the ways you could succeed. Or better yet, don’t tell people what you think they could do differently to succeed, just support them in whatever they’re doing. Let them learn from their mistakes or sit in awe when what you thought wouldn’t work actually does.

And there’s the thing, people get these ideas of how things are supposed to work, but it’s not always true. For example, people will say that you have to sell in person to make money and the internet is too competitive, but then you see people who fail in person and make a killing online. Some people say you have to be totally unique, but then you see people who make only one thing that’s not that unique, and they sell like crazy. There are no absolute rules, but people keep acting like there are.

The media and the shitty people that came before us keep perpetuating these ideas that everything is so competitive and that success is a pipe dream which only a mere few attain. They shit people’s dreams and make them feel hopeless. It’s bullshit. I think you should encourage people no matter what they’re doing. I don’t care if someone says that they’re going to try to make a living selling pigeon shit sculptures. I’m going to wish them well and hope they have success. But that’s me, I’m one of those people who actually wants others to be happy and live out their dreams.

It pisses me off how people seem so determined to ruin other people’s dreams and happiness. All you hear is this constant talk of failure and hardship and how whatever you’re doing is stupid and doomed. Fuck those people. If we actually cared about and supported each other, a lot more people could be happy and successful. If we were encouraging instead of discouraging, people would be able to accomplish so much more, and it would pave the way for future dreamers and achievers.

Some days those shitty, negative people are what keep me going. I do what I do just so that one day when I’m raking in the money and loving life I can look back at them and smile. I want to say “See, I did it. You were wrong!” Granted, I want success because I want to do what I love and make people happy with it, but I’d be lying if I said I never want to prove the naysayers wrong. Anyway, I could use my success to inspire other people to fight the crap and do what they want to do.

If you see someone who’s trying to accomplish a dream, try to help them. Do what you can to aid them on their path. If you can’t do that, at least say encouraging things. Help them to believe that they can do and be anything they want. Encourage them to be happy. If you can’t do that, then just don’t say anything. Don’t tell people what to do or how to live, and don’t say discouraging things. Don’t shit on other people’s dreams. If we were all better to each other, a lot of those dreams would be coming true.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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